Social commitment

HOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners stands for more than wood-based materials and wood packaging ....
... we assume responsibility.

For some years now, it has been a tradition at HOBATEX GmbH Industrial Partners to do something good at Christmas for those who selflessly care for others throughout the year or who are in need of additional help due to difficult life circumstances.

We use the money that is usually available for customer Christmas gifts to support people and institutions in our region.

With your help, we have been able to put together the following Christmas packages in past years:


the campaign was themed "We plant a tree".

This year, Hobatex participated in the campaign of the local community Brakel "I plant a tree – we plant a forest".

With the active support of the employees, 50 newly planted oak trees were planted to form the impressive "HOBATEX forest".


again various local associations were delighted about financial support


we supported several local associations, especially in the youth work

The Steinheim association "Children are our future" was also pleased to receive financial aid for the humanitarian aid transports


In addition to various small charitable projects, we have made the DLRG even more mobile this year. Our Christmas donation will be invested in a new emergency vehicle.


We also had the wonderful opportunity to support two social projects at the same time: "Tischlein-Deck-Dich" is a Caritas initiative that provides food donations to people in need. The other half of our donation went to the "VGS" special school in Brakel.


Our Christmas donation benefited the Steinheim association "Kinder sind unsere Zukunft" (Children are our future), which twice a year carries out humanitarian aid transports to the socially deprived area of North East Prussia, where it supplies hospitals, orphanages, schools and needy households. In addition to donations in kind, we also provide storage space at our Steinheim location free of charge throughout the year.


We gave Tobias, who has spastic paralysis, and his mother from Beverungen a new car suitable for wheelchairs.


The children and teachers of the kindergarten and daycare centre "Zur Krüne" in Brakel were delighted with their Christmas present.


We had the opportunity to assist Santa Claus at the Lebenshilfe in Brakel for mentally, physically and multiply handicapped adults and their carers.


We were allowed to support the Ludwig-Schloemann-Haus in Höxter for mentally, physically or multiply handicapped adults / and their carers (facility of the St.-Peter Foundation).


For several decades, the integrative daycare centre St. Raphael in Erkeln has been living the holistic philosophy in the joint education and support of children with and without disabilities. We were very happy to support this comprehensive mission, which follows the guiding principle of recognizing each person in their own personality and seeing them with their individual talents, with our Christmas check.