Surface finishing

The refinement of wood-based material surfaces literally creates new worlds in the hands of HOBATEX.

A "simple" wood-based panel becomes, for example, a piece of furniture that attracts attention, an interior lining that is a pleasure to touch, or packaging that can be transported safely, thanks to the additional finishing step of the surface design.

We offer:

  • Milling and sanding of surfaces
  • Painting of surfaces
  • Coating of surfaces

    • Décor (real wood look)
    • Solid
    • Anti-slip surfaces – depending on the desired slip class with

      • phenolic resin coating
      • Film resin coating
      • Rubber
  • Oil treatment of hardwood boards

  • Resin coating (FHL, SHL) of chipboard and MDF / HDF boards

  • Bitumen coating for sealing and insulating of insulation boards

Coatings are as unique as our customers are.

Do you have colours or patterns in mind that make your products unique? Or you already have the foils – and you still need the corresponding wood-based material in the desired quality?

No problem: We'll take care of everything.
As the "connecting link" between our selected works and your personal ideas, HOBATEX realises your individual solutions.

We look forward to each and every one of your projects and will discuss the implementation possibilities with you in detail.