We have the right cutting solution for every requirement, no matter what you need.

We use high-quality machines for the processing.
Precision, performance and speed are therefore a matter of course for us.

HOBATEX offers you cutting of wood materials and plastics for

  • fixed dimensions
  • Custom sizes
  • Cutting to size / contract cutting
  • Right-angled cutting or cutting of angles according to your specifications

HOBATEX is the right partner for you, especially when it comes to cutting:

If required, we can process for you on our CAD-controlled Holzma HPL 400 Profiline saw or in the CNC processing centre even

  • Special lengths up to 5600 mm
  • Cutting in the package
  • Particularly thin panels
  • Particularly sensitive materials
  • Complex processing sequences in one pass / on one workpiece
  • Precision machining in series

You get results for the highest quality demands.

Have a look at our custom solutions and see what we can do for you!

We look forward to each and every one of your projects and will discuss the implementation possibilities with you in detail.