Drilling and perforated panels

Wood drilling is more demanding than it seems at first glance.

Depending on how hard or soft the wood material is, whether hard and soft fibres alternate in the same workpiece as in solid wood, or whether drilling can be done with / against the direction of the fibres, the demands on perfect drilling remain the same.

With HOBATEX you get clean cut edges with every drilling

  • without any tear-out resulting from due to fibres being pushed away
  • Drill holes that are free of chip clogging, even with large and deep holes
  • Very smooth holes, for example for the later use of hinges
  • Precisely aligned dowel holes for flush and straight joints

Areas of application

Furniture industry

  • For screwed joints as a quick and easy alternative to glued joints
  • For plug-in connections of furniture parts using wooden dowels
  • For blind holes with large diameters for fittings / hinges, which are usually installed
  • flush with the surface of the workpiece
  • For countersinking holes for countersunk screws that are to be flush with the surface of the material

Furthermore, we offer you perforated plates according to your individual hole pattern.

Our CNC-milled perforated plates have a wide range of applications:

  • In retail as a sales display with flexibly usable hooks for the presentation of goods
  • In interior design as wall and ceiling panelling
  • As bed base inserts for optimum air circulation
  • For interior panelling in the automotive sector (for example in buses)
  • As sound insulation
  • As an air flow grille
  • And much more

We look forward to each and every one of your projects and will discuss the implementation possibilities with you in detail.