Shaping and contouring

Shaping and contouring of a wood material is usually done by "chipping", i.e. individual chips are lifted from the workpiece to be machined.

This is used, for example, to

  • create flat surfaces as well as curves and profiles
  • Transfer of contours / profiles to the wood material
  • Achieving spatial and cylindrical surfaces as well as large depths
  • Surface preparation e.g. for varnishing, coating, gluing by smoothing, chamfering, roughening or creating grooves, rebates and joining as well as much more.

Depending on the requirements and the wood material, HOBATEX mills, sands and planes.


Our milling possibilities via the CNC machining centre leave hardly anything to be desired in the modern shaping of a wood-based material.


Sanding is a traditional manufacturing process for finishing workpieces to achieve the final shape and surface quality after milling.

Large sanding belts are used to remove excess material in the form of chips.

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